A comprehensive selection of services to transform your organization.



Collaborative work for the greater good

Community is at the heart and soul of our work. I'll help you spark change and grow with confidence.


Cultivate synergy at all levels of the organization

My goal is to help you create dynamic leaders at all levels of your organization. Less dependency on you and more accurate results.


Innovation that drives business outcomes

I help you create operational efficiencies to gain clarity, improve customer experience – allowing you to grow and achieve more.


Envision and navigate your path to success

Vision and strategy are critical, but difficult to develop and maintain. I'll help you to do both and make meaning. 

I've spent years crafting my approach so you benefit from day one.

I start by helping you identify where you're at as an organization. I help you get your house in order and carefully plan next steps. 


Getting started

This is where we think big about the full potential of your organization and its challenges. We dive deep beyond the simple parameters to uncover opportunities and lurking problems before they become overwhelming.


Making progress

Without constant innovation, organizations stagnate. I help you create and communicate new directions, inspire bold solutions, and think differently about new ways of doing business. The goal here is to innovate fearlessly.


Making change

It takes a lot to get to this point, but it's all worth it. Transformative change leads to empowerment and unleashes creativity in the workplace. I help you shape the future of your organization, side-by-side, together.


When all is said and done, my core focus is making meaning.

 At my core is a deep commitment to increase the quality of life of everyone we meet. And I strive to do that every day through our mantra: innovate and simplify. 

Leave a lasting legacy – one to be proud of

I believe our work can help you achieve long-term results and real value creation, not just short-term profits and cash. I want you to be proud of the organization you're building.

Tomorrow's standards are today's bar

Every team member has an impact. When they act like leaders and adopt an owner's mindset, they push performance standards far beyond expectation. This is where greatness lies.

"Good process is absolutely essential. Without defined processes, you can't scale, you can't put metrics and instrumentation in place, you can't manage. But avoiding bureaucracy is essential. Bureaucracy is process run amok." 


– Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com



Tailored services to solve the challenges you face


Legacies for a greater community

Economic development

Land use policy

Real estate development

Fiscal policy

Project feasibility

Grant writing

Investment syndication

Site and master planning

Workshop and facilitation

Public Outreach

Community Involvement


Cultivate synergy and collaboration

Leadership visioning

Executive leadership training

Strategic implementations

Change management

Team leader coaching

Elected leaders workshops

Front-line leader development


Policy creation

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