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When you think of a great #brand, what do you think of? Chances are you’re thinking about a product a company sells, maybe their services, or the last advertisement you saw on Instagram and Facebook. While these are all things that help us understand what a company does, it’s not their brand.

Take Nike for example. Everyone knows Nike. Everyone knows what Nike makes. Everyone has seen the logo, clicked their ads, and I’d bet most everyone has at some point personally seen, touched, and felt a Nike product. So, if you were to describe what Nike’s brand is, what would you say? Hint: it’s not their shoes, and it’s definitely not the Nike swoosh.

What drives someone to buy a new pair of Nikes? It’s definitely not their dirt-cheap prices. It’s not the colors. It’s not that they’re lightweight. And it’s not the cool orange box they come in. People buy Nike shoes because of the way it makes them feel. There’s an emotional response when they slip their feet into a brand-new pair. Something happens in the brain. They feel that connection and know that they’re wearing something special. The same goes for car lovers as they climb into a Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc. The same applies to companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Disney, and any other you can think of. We buy these companies’ products and services, not because of the product itself (sure, at times we may need something they offer), but we buy because of the way they make us feel.

So, what’s your brand? Every company has a brand, and every person has a brand. What’s yours? Why would someone buy from you? What experiences are you going to create for those around you? For your customers? How will you connect and how will you impact their lives in an emotional and positive way?

Your brand, then, is what will drive customer loyalty, referral business, and growth. If your brand isn’t connecting with the people around, make a goal and dedicate the next 12 months to establishing a trajectory for brand development. If you don’t know how, talk with your customers. Ask them why they chose you and why they stick with you. Ask your friends what they think your brand is. Get feedback from the people that matter most. Then actually do something. Make changes and push for new heights. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business.

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