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Automate Yourself to Full Balance

I vividly remember sitting in my office late one night several years go, stressing over deadlines and wondering what had led me to that discouraging moment. You see, I joined that company, just like every other worker did: eager and passionate about making a difference. Nothing really differentiated me above my peers from an ambition point of view, and the job market was filled with driven young professionals. But I joined because I had a handful of experiences in my field that caught the eye of the director. I knew what I could bring to the table, and moreover, I knew the potential impact of my department. The work involved me in the very lifeblood of the sales organization, and I quickly learned that success would be contingent upon building relationships with the key sales leaders. I saw this as a big chance to make big waves and get ahead in my career. So I gave it my all. I dropped everything for my work and told myself I would be the first responder every time.

At that point I had been in my role for about a year. So much anxiety and stress, which I'm sure all of you can relate to, made me realize something had to change, because I just couldn't keep up anymore. There were so many moving parts, and so many demands placed on my plate, it was quickly becoming unmanageable. So, I set to work determining how to save myself from burnout and dissatisfaction. I entered survival mode. Simple as that. And that's when it hit me. I realized "time" was a finite resource. Each moment that passed was a moment I would never gain back. Ever. I couldn't wait any longer.

Gone are the days of "work/life" balance. In today's world, it's near impossible to separate the two. You just can't put work and life into categories of their own. Nor should you. If you find yourself trying to compartmentalize work, home, fun, personal, etc., then perhaps what you're doing might not be the right fit for you. The stats are varied according to different sources, but the common theme says that between 49-51% of Americans are satisfied with their current job. I don't know about you, but I think we can do better. That's every other person. That means every household with two workers has at least one that isn't happy with where they're at. And that unhappiness outside of the home can detract from happiness inside the home. And that's where I found myself that night. I wasn't happy. I needed to change something. But what? I couldn't work more hours. And I sure couldn't work less. I couldn't hire help, and I couldn't shift roles. I felt stuck; imprisoned in my own career. So I did the only thing I could think of: automate myself out.

The next 12 months were filled with projects designed to automate as much of the department as possible. Working with key department leaders, and utilizing the talent on my teams, we set out to review every single manual task, every interaction, every dependency, and, if possible, create an automated system to handle that job. It took time. It took frustration. It took disappointment. It wasn't easy, but it was significant. It would change everything. And it did.

Looking back on what my team and I accomplished in that year following my late night of despair, I'm proud of what became of us. We shifted bottlenecks, fixed pain points, and opened ourselves to greater purpose and more important work. My relationships with my customers and clients became more deep and profound, and balance in my life started to take shape. I didn't have to segregate my day between family, job, hobbies, etc. It all became one. It became something encouraging.

The following year was one of the most successful of my career. Automation and system design enabled cost and time savings in the millions of dollars. But most importantly, it created satisfaction. And that translated in a happier home, happier wife, happier children, and a happier me. I knew I couldn't stop there.

If you're feeling trapped and you know there's greater things you could be doing, or feel you keep putting off the work you really want to do, we can relate. We've been there. Let us help you automate yourself out of those tasks. We promise your "life" balance will equalize, satisfaction increase, and happiness thrive. That's who we are. That's why we created Exigy.

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