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We're passionate about helping leaders identify, design, and create solutions to their biggest challenges. We do so through proven methods built on research, data, analysis.

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Power of one.

Exigy Consulting started with a desire to help organizations navigate the challenges they experience during times of growth. With decades of experience in public and private sectors and across many industries, we bring new perspectives and insights to our clients. Our holistic approach includes in-depth research, top-to-bottom analysis, and implementation of carefully chosen strategies. We work side-by-side with leaders to identify strategies and systems that will help them achieve the results they desire. Our mission is to transform not only the organization, but the individual.



Pressing forward.

Our values are the commitment we make as a team. They're a promise of our unyielding dedication to creating a brighter, better tomorrow for our community - but more importantly - for you.

Obsess over the customer

At our very core is our obsession over our customers. Their experience means everything to us. With every project we start with the customer experience in mind and work backwards seeking to earn and improve their loyalty and trust.

Dive deep

True growth in any organization happens when people are willing to go beyond the status quo of their jobs to improve customer experience. No one is above or beneath any task. It's when we dive deep into the processes and procedures that we can really uncover opportunities.

Embrace perspective

Challenge the status quo. We believe it's one of our most important duties to respectfully challenge the decisions and directions we are undertaking. In these moments of discomfort, though, come renewed mental toughness and cohesion. Then commit with all your strength to making it meaningful. 

Invent and simplify

The best design is the simplest. This requires a willingness to rethink policies, rules, systems, and other assumptions in the organization. Innovate in process design and simplify procedure. Otherwise bureaucracy takes hold and stifles growth. Automate everywhere. Track the data. Systematize what you can. Never stop trying.

Insist on the highest standards

Standards set a bar by which one evaluates self. It's also a way by which we can be evaluated by our customers. Constantly raising the bar enables the organization and its teams to deliver exceptional quality in exceptional ways. 

Be curious

Move beyond conventional thinking. Open your mind in search of new ideas and paths. Continually seeking self-improvement and being curious about new possibilities is a way of life. Find - and keep - a beginner's mindset.

Take ownership

Regardless of position or role, develop an owner's mindset. Owners understand the principle of long-term value over short-term profits and are not afraid of sacrifice. They place high value on customer service, experience, and loyalty because they treat their team and the entire organization as their own.

Bias for action

Decisions in business happen fast. Actions must be just as quick, or else we face being behind. Extensive studies are rarely needed in most decisions, and most are reversible - so don't hesitate. Take advantage. Have a bias for action.

Think forward

Business is driven by those who create and inspire bold new directions that inspire results. This requires a unique mindset of risk mitigation and regret minimization - in both business and life. It's achieved through long-term visioning and keeping that perspective despite the odds.


Helping our clients build incredible organizations since 2018.


Since 2013 we've been providing consulting services to a variety of clients to help them through their growth challenges. After decades in the private and public sectors, Jeff Swanson saw unmet needs in community development departments across the region. He founded Exigy Consulting in 2018 as a way to bridge the gap between organizational demand and market supply, and to help communities thrive.


Since those humble beginnings, we've grown into a full-service consulting firm, offering services in community and economic development, management and operational systems design, as well as leadership training and new business coaching. Our methods and approach have been proven time and time again, igniting our passion and drive to help as many as we can in our journey.

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